Research and Development

  • Assist or develop independently
    • Ice Cream and/or other frozen dessert items
    • Cultured products, yogurts, cottage cheese, sour cream, buttermilk
    • Flavored drink bases
    • Probiotic and Prebiotic enhanced products
  • Reformulation to accomplish quality and/or economic objectives
  • Evaluate ingredient applications
  • Product Formulations and pilot scale up.

Product Developments and Achievements

  • Development of nonfat yogurt juice drinks (formulation and process)
  • Co-developed the first successful product launch of kid’s yogurt line
  • Developed innovative process and formulation for a “low acid” yogurt base which is compatible with chocolate and other confectionery flavors. Successfully launched this product line of four varieties of chocolate.
  • Formulated a gelatin-yogurt dessert consisting of a bottom layer of smooth creamy kid’s yogurt with a top layer of fruit-flavored gelatin in a variety of flavor combinations. Successfully launched this “first of its kind” product with two major dairy companies.
  • Formulated a concentrated sugar-free fruit preparation, which can be used to produce both nutritive and nonnutritive sweetened yogurts.
  • Worked in partnership with a major company to develop and launch the first aspartame-sweetened nonfat yogurt in the U.S. market. Today, aspartame yogurt represents 30% of the total yogurt market.
  • Aided the development of the first sucralose sweetened yogurt on the market.
  • Formulated many stabilizer systems for fresh and frozen dairy products, which economically improved texture and overall product quality.
  • Developed several innovative frozen dessert and milk based drink products.
  • Formulated “low carbohydrate” yogurt and smoothie type products.